Structural Engineering Consultants provides professional services to architects, contractors, government entities, the building industry, and the general public.

We offer a diverse set of services, including both small and large scale residential, commercial, and industrial projects spanning from homes and apartments, office and retail, manufacturing and processing plants, schools, gymnasiums, warehouses, museums, churches, and large prisons.

We are registered to provide professional engineering services in {{ l.state }}, {{ }} and {{ l.state }}, {{ }}.

SEC works carefully with each client to furnish their consulting needs whether it be before, during and/or after construction of new projects, additions to existing facilities, or tenant improvements.

Our company was formed from Pinnacle Engineers in the fall of 2009.

SEC Idaho
410 S. Orchard, Suite 116
Boise, ID 83705
tel: (208) 887-7760
fax: (208) 887-7781